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Restaurant Les fils à maman Nantes
  • Restaurant Les fils à maman Nantes
  • Restaurant sympa à Nantes
  • Restau sympa centre ville de Nantes
  • Une belle déco pour ce restaurant nantais
  • Une belle déco pour ce restaurant nantais
  • Un bon restaurant entre amis

Open Monday night to Sunday lunch.

Lunch 12 to 2pm. Dinner 7.30 to 10.30pm-11pm on Friday and 11.30pm on Saturday
Brunch on Saturdays from 12 to 3pm and Sundays from 12 to 3.30pm !!!!!

Venez faire la fête entre amis à paris dans notre restaurant proche des grands boulevards.

Once upon a time there were there were Julien, Laurent, Alban, 3 happy chaps, eager to offer to the beautiful people of Nantes their mummies’ yummy home cooked food… and Alexandre and Jeremy who will welcome you everyday at Les Fils à Maman restaurant.
Alexandre and Jérémy have both grown up in the Paris area. Alex used to be a hockey player , and he’s now as comfortable running a restaurant as on a hockey rink. Jeremy is passionate with good food as much as he is with the famous Paris football club. Both met when they were studying business in Paris, after which they gave a try working in finance and then in corporate catering. It’s with undisclosed great pleasure that they joined the adventure of « Les Fils à Maman », in Nantes, a city they both love.

Situated in the heart of the Décré district, between the Place Royale and Le Bouffay


Les Fils à Maman is set in the heart of Nantes historical center. Very close to the Dukes of Brittany Castle and the “Cours des 50 otages”, one of the main city road, the restaurant is situated on a small pedestrian paved street that won’t leave you indifferent. With the neighborhood being extremely lively, Jeremy and Alexandre have settled in a part of the city that lives 24 hours a day.


Les Fils à Maman welcomes you in their hideout where everything was thought to throw you back into your sweet childhood memories. You can stay downstairs to have a seat at the bar and have a chat with Jerem or Alex while they’re making cocktails, or you can choose the sofas and take place around a huge table with your group of friends, or you can even go upstairs and flick through old comics while enjoying our lovely “cordon bleu” with your fiancé.

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Restaurant Les fils à maman Nantes

Un restaurant pour la cuisine de maman

Découvrez le menu de la future maman ICI

Every first Tuesday of the month our lovely mums will come and put their cookery skills into action to offer you some of their special dishes. On that day a unique menu will be offered : the mum’s starter, her kids two favorite dishes and her most famous dessert.

Every customer eating that night will be given all the recipes, and our mums will be here to share with you all their tricks and their secrets.

Restaurant Les fils à maman Nantes

La roue des gourmand, notre restaurant récompense ses fidèles clients nantais

Our restaurant rewards the most loyal customers
Spin it spin it… and… you…. WIN !! A romantic dinner? Free coffee for one month? A dance with Alex?
Once they have their loyalty card filled up, our lovely customers can spin the foodies’ wheel and might get the chance to win a nice reward… or not !
The foodies’ wheel: a great idea in the restaurant Les Fils à Maman.

La roue des gourmands, une idée sympa au restaurant les fils à maman Nantes

Restaurant situé en plein coeur du quartier de Decré.
Restaurant Les fils à maman Nantes

Le livre de la cuisine des maman

Remember when you were a kid and you were always hanging in the kitchen watching your mum prepare your favorite dish? You would then secretly dip your finger in the sweet batter and get your face full of chocolate mousse. Who never dreamt about cooking those dishes they loved so much as a kid ?


It is to help you plunge back into these delicious memories that we have asked 22 real mothers to reveal their easiest and most delicious recipes.
Each menu is composed of a starter, a main course and a dessert and come with their own original illustrations, the mum’s tricks of the trade a nd a selection of interesting information about each dish. Each menu suggested is a tribute to home cooking, childhood and family.
Dinner is served !!!

Restaurant Les fils à maman in Nantes.

Les goodies sympas de notre restaurant.


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Restaurant "les Fils à Maman" in Nantes, 14 Rue Beauregard, french traditional restaurant